Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Matchbook Album

Two weeks ago, as I was drifting off to sleep, I suddenly thought of a great project for my grandaughter-by-proxy, Hannah.  No, not for her to do, although it would be easy enough for a seven year old to put together.

No, this was for me to do for her.  You see, her birthday is in July.  The poor kid has never been in one place long enough to make friends, much less have a party with all of them.  She is, however unlike me, a social butterfly and is dying to have a birthday party.  I told her she needed to get all her friends addresses and phone numbers so when summer came we could get those invites out.  Well, that's easy to say to a seven year old, but without the tools - where does one start?

So, as I was drifting off to la-la land and not really getting there, I began wishing for a cigarette - totally smoke free for over two years now, but still crave, especially on sleepless nights - when I thought of matches, which made me think of matchbook, which made me think of my Cricut, which made me think that I could super-size the matchbook option and make an autograph album!

The mind DOES work in mysterious ways!

Well, I cut one out but it was way too small, so I just crafted one out of a strip of 6" x 12" peice of cardstock.  I used Blossoms & Butterfies by DCWV.  I ended up cutting the pages for it out of textured cardstock and then punching them with an office page puncher.  I used a hand punch to put holes in the album cardstock because the other puncher wouldn't put them where I wanted them. 

I then used some pink and green ribbon from Oriental Trading Co. to hold the autograph paper in the album.  After some refolding, I ended up with a pretty cool little album. 

I thought of adding some embellishments and some glitter glue, but I think she'll want to make it her own.  I was also wondering how I'm going to get complete addresses from seven year olds, but I'm hoping the teacher will help her with that.  Oh well, mema can't think of everything!

I hope you like my project. I'm going to do a few more for her and her brother for the sports they're playing this summer.  They'll have something to show their friends in the fall - kind of like a brag book!  I'll post those as I get them done.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on crafting!  As always, comments are most welcome!

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