Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Art

I don't know what the weather's been like where you are, but this has been the strangest spring I have ever seen.  The folks that debunk global warming are, in my opinion, without a clue.  That said, between raindrops I've been trying to get some gardening done. 

Because we've gotten so much rain we haven't planted the backyard garden yet.  The last few days have been extremely sunny and HOT, so maybe we will get it in this year after all.  I wanted to show you my latest project.  My boyfriend found some sinks at his friends house and brought them home.  He's good at that.  As soon as I saw one of the sinks I knew what I wanted to do with it.  I told him to build a stand that it could sit in, about counter top height. 

After he was done with that we took a trip to the local greenhouse.  I was looking for flowers that would cascade over the sides in colors that I love.  I put a coffee filter over the sink drain so water could drain out, but so that we wouldn't lose potting soil. 

Then I planted our flowers.  I also threw in some vinca vine too, just because it looks cool.  I threw some chives in the back of it too.  I like the way chives flower and it will add some height to the composition.  There's spearmint and ferns growing underneath, so once they reach mature height and the flowers cascade down it is going to look AWESOME!

As a side note, I'm always looking for interesting, sturdy peices of trees to put in my yard.  I call it yard art.  My boyfriend always laughs at me when I find one that I want to bring home.  We went down to the river one day after the rain to see how high the water was.  While we were there I saw a peice of wood in the water that wasn't too far off shore, so I stepped in and pulled it in.  He looked at me and groaned.  It was so soaked it took the both of us to carry it home - thank God we're only two blocks away!  I haven't decided where to put it yet but I thought I'd show you the piece.  I think it's beautiful.

Notice the twig lodged in the tree? It's still there. I'm pretty sure the force of the water placed it there.  Cool huh? Nature is amazing!

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