Sunday, April 10, 2011

National No Housework Day Winner!

The weekend is over and the housework looms!  Thanks to Deb over at I'm going to be seriously busy this week!  It was a fun weekend and although I really didn't do any housework (much - I did end up doing dishes and vacuuming my bathroom - couldn't help it!) I did get some much needed time outdoors with the gardens!

The best part about this weekend blog?  I got to see some pretty awesome projects and am following some pretty terrific artists now!  I've already gone back to reference a card from a new friend already!  I want to thank everyone that signed on to follow me- I will try to be a responsible and interesting blogger.  I have some pretty cool projects in progress right now that I'll be sharing soon!

I know that as followers you are wondering who won the blog candy from my blog this weekend.  I actually wrote all your names out on little slips of paper and folded them, put them in my dog's dish (it was clean!) and had my boyfriend pick a name.  I love the good old fashioned way of the raffle.  Well, the winner is...


Congratulations Kelly!  I'm so glad you've signed on to follow and I will contact you through a pm to get your address!

Thanks again to everyone who participated - it was a great time!

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