Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Storms

It's that time of year and it's what is happening tonight.  Lightning and thunder, no rain yet.  I just love these nights, but I'd love them better if Bella wasn't so scared of them.  Right now she's wedged herself under my chair and is panting so loudly it's a little distracting.

The air turned warm today, and I finally admitted to myself, and others, that I killed most of my seedlings by setting them out too early.  After I got home from work I set about making things right by starting the re-plant.  I planted more broccoli, more red cabbage, more eggplant, more flowers, and most important - more tomatoes.  Just the name of them makes me smile.  Costoluto.  Say it - Costoluto.  Don't they sound awesome?  I'm hoping I have time to start them and get them going because I hate buying my starter plants unless they're herbs.  I start most of those myself too, but I have a hard time with starting Rosemary and Sage.

Ah, the rain has started and with a fury.  I just ran upstairs and the rain was coming in.  Luckily the bed's not soaked!  It just means there's no nice breeze in the house now.

Easter was great with the kids.  Hannah helped me make the green bean casserole and Gaige washed the dishes after dinner.  He loves cleaning!  I think this was their first real Easter too.  I hid a couple eggs out back and when they came over we watched them find them.  Next year I'm going to hide a ton of them!

My panic attacks are back and in full swing again, due to problems at work.  Besides medication, that I haven't touched yet, I'm thinking I need to get crafting - a lot more than I am now.  Crafting, mainly scrapbooking, will set me free!

I know I didn't have a project to display, and I'm sorry if you're disappointed, but I didn't have anything like that to share so I decided to share me.  Hopefully another project will appear soon, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!  You're always welcome here.

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