Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids & Crafts

   This past weekend I was pulled into a school project by my "Memaw-child".  That's right, I'm not the Gramma but I'm closer than a Ms. so-and-so, but not a first name basis adult.  That's my explanation, and that's all there is to it.  Plus, I like being memaw because they love calling me that.  And by "they" I mean two of the most precious children I know.
   At the beginning of last week I got a phone call from Hanna.  She told me that her teacher had given every child in her class a gourd and they had to create something with it.  She chose a lady bug.  The kid is wild about lady bugs!  Well, the week before that she had been up in my craft room going through boxes of bling and ribbon and couldn't believe that all this was in one place and could she have some?  I sent her home with a bag of scrap paper and extra cricut cuts.  She acted like she was in heaven!
   So back to the project.  She asked if she could come over and use my crafting supplies to do her project.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I haven't had a little one to do projects with for thirteen years!  She came over Saturday with her little brother and began the process.  He wanted to help but I told him she needed to do it on her own and we were there only to support her.  He took this well enough once I gave him his own paper and paint.  What a kid!

A little acrylic paint, a red button, some pipe cleaners and glue and the project came together.  We helped her paint the pipe cleaners black because we were running out of time, but other than that she did the whole project by herself.  I kept it overnight and delivered it the next day to make sure the legs stuck.  They got a little extra help with a couple drops of crazy glue.  The craft glue just didn't hold up.


All in all, it was a productive day.  The kids got some away time from parents, I got some kid time, and we all got some crafty together time!  Plus I got some great paintings to put on my fridge! 

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