Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Trip to Heaven

   Today was a shopping day.  Derrick & I headed to the city to shop at Khols, and to get a Black Friday head start on where things are located at Target.  What I didn't count on was seeing Michael's.  I've never been.  I normally do my limited shopping at Joanne's or Walmart.  I shop on-line at  I'd heard of Michael's, I'd just never been.
Until today.
   Oh my!  It was a plethora of crafting supplies and ideas all at my finger tips, all I had to do was dream!  Derrick said, "You have ten minutes", with a smile on his face, but I knew he was just as excited as I was.  We browsed the scrapbooking supplies first.  The Christmas paper was amazing and of course I had to choose carefully. I chose vintage Christmas, patterns and colors that hearkened back to my childhood.  It was called "Old Fashioned Christmas", by Recollections.  We're going to try making our cards with it, if I can bear to cut it!
   I also hit the dollar bin and got a blank set of cards, some glitter glue, and a couple of rubber stamps.  I made myself choose Christmas theme stamps.  I'm not very handy with stamps, so I figure this will make me use them - THIS YEAR - on my cards and tags.
   We picked out a craft for the kids that will give them something to do when they visit again.  It's a ball making kit.  It says it makes 16 of them, so we should have a couple visits of fun!  I'll definitely post some pics of that.  we'll have a ball! (pun intended!)
   Last but not least, we picked out the Gingerbread man Fiskars punch.  To tell you the truth, Derrick really wanted the little guy.  He was visioning our Christmas cards.  I've got to say, at this point in my blog, that Derrick is a huge supporter of my art.  He encourages my projects, even when they take time away from "us" time.  And he tells me to spend money on supplies, even though I hold back.  Today I took him up on it and I'm really glad now, especially as I'm gazing at that new punch and I've got visions of gingerbread men dancing in my head!  Thank you babe!
   So now I have no excuse to get busy.  Stay tuned...

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